I want you to try something for me…

Try talking dirty to your woman–when you’re not in the bedroom.

Whisper it. Come up behind her and say something sensual. Use “naughty words” liberally.

See what happens.

Notice her reaction. Notice her response.

Chances are, her eyes will roll, she’ll tell you how you’re making her wet, then she’ll take you by the hand and she’ll try to take you to the bedroom.

But DON’T go with her… just yet.

Remember, you’re the man. You’re the one in control.

You decide when (or if) she gets some of your cock.

Do this and your woman’s response will be 10X what you were expecting.

Remember people in general want what they can’t have, especially when it comes to romance.

So feel free to be coy, to tease… to string her along, until she’s so hot with anticipation… she’s ready to explode.

You see, Adam Armstrong’s written a new book called Bedroom Boss–69 Ways To Fvck Her.

(I don’t think the 69 is a coincidence.)

In it Adam reveals a night by night, step by step plan that can transform any couple’s sex life.


By inserting a small or large dose of dominance and control into the lovemaking.

Adam’s got the studies as well as personal experiences of hundreds of guys he’s coached that prove women deeply appreciate being submissive in the presence of a strong, domineering man.

Now, you may say BDSM is not for you. And I can appreciate that. It’s not for me either.

But Adam’s methods do not require BDSM-caliber stuff. No dungeons. No whips or chains required.

The plan is simple: To mindfvck her FIRST before you even get started.

You see, the best sex occurs in a woman’s mind, BEFORE it ever reaches her p*ssy.

And that’s what Adam teaches you how to do. Mindfvck her first AND THEN have all the fun you want.

–> Check Out Bedroom Boss–69 Ways To Fvck Her

Do that and you’ll find your woman 10X more responsive to your every touch.


How to get laid whenever you want


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